Parent Company

ASTRON CERA GROUP OF COMPANIES is the parent company of sunrisegipl glass, incorporated in 1998, the ASTRON CERA has achieved impressive growth in manufacturing best quality Zirflour, Zirconium Silicate and Opacifier. ASTRON CERA incorporated by an industrialist with vast experience in ceramic industries with vision for global quality and consistency that is none other than our Chairman Mr. Hasmukh M. Thakkar. The shear hard work speaks for itself and within a span of Twelve years the ASTRON CERA has become a flagship of group of seven industries engaged in manufacturing of qualitative Zircon products.
The success story of Astron group began with a vision of qualitative products and by constant innovation, application of latest technology and state of the machineries.
Astron Cera has come a long way since its inception to emerge as one of the leading manufacturer of Zirconium Silicate Glaze O pacifier. Zirconium silicate produced by milling the natural zircon sand, is widely used as an O pacifier for several ceramic industries (Sanitary ware, Tiles, Paints, etc.)